High Oak Youth Group was established September 2003. The group was set up to provide a safe and friendly environment for young people to go. The group has grown and now offers much more.

The youth club works with young people to provide:
  • Recreational activities
  • Healthy life styles projects
  • Education and training programmes
  • Personal development programmes
  • Community projects
  • Gardening club and sow and grow projects and community clean-ups
  • Music, arts, cultural and media sessions

High Oak work with people in all aspects of life. We work with people to improve their spiritual, mental and physical lives. High Oak also works to encourage people in the community to get involved in social action and improving their community and their own lives. High Oak has considerable experience of partnership working to meet the needs of local communities.

High Oak have been delivering youth and community projects working with Volunteers, hard to reach, disengaged young people and communities for the past 8 years. High Oak is seen as a ‘doing’ organisation with a strategic role, achieving high quality, innovative and competitive outcomes in a professional and financially sound manner. The projects will be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and in time-frame.

We provide specialist help and support to young people designed to increase their confidence and self-esteem. Our aim is to get young people interested in the place where they live and to help them play a full and active part in society. Wherever possible we encourage interaction between young people and adults to help challenge the negative perceptions of youth that many people hold. Some of our projects are specifically targeted in places where there are high levels of crime as a way of harnessing young people's energy and reducing anti-social behavior.

The projects take place across neighbourhoods in Dudley and the Black Country. Some of the areas suffer from poor local environment and low levels of economic activity, education, skills and income.

High Oak will work with partners, youth and community groups, schools, training providers, local police and faith groups within these deprived areas to improve the capacity and skills of these groups. Enabling them to engage in positive activities and training that will improve their local economy and environment and give them a better chance to gain employment.
High Oak will also be working with these organisations in the area drawing on their resources and expertise.

The project will be working with young people, volunteers, qualified staff and other voluntary sector organisations. High Oak has been working with NEET groups for the past 8 years.
High Oak run  personal development programmes, looking at the individuals needs and requirements, creating  action plans, community projects and completing qualification, E.g. Asdan Short Course and Awards. 

These projects help the young person focus on their own personal needs. Some of these needs are what stops the young person from progressing on to jobs or further education. So we try to address these before we move on. We provide one to one support and work with them building their confidence and providing assistance in whatever area they need it.

The projects will also involve volunteers and Peer mentors, who would be trained up to work alongside the youth staff. They will receive Peer mentoring, first aid, health and safety and child protection training. They will receive skills to help them work with the young people and also be able to work in the youth field if they want to take the opportunity further.

The young people on programme and volunteers will be recruited to the scheme from the local communities and will undertake one of the stated qualifications. The young people will also be supported through:

  • One to one support
  • Information advise and guidance
  • Action plans, SWOTs
  • Reviews monitoring and evaluations
  • Progress and pathways support

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